Tower T17063L Vortx 4L Manual Air Fryer in Black

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This black Tower air fryer boasts a spacious 4-litre capacity, making it the ideal tool for efficient family cooking. Utilizing Vortx technology, only a minimal amount of oil is required to rapidly circulate hot air around the appliance, enabling the development of a crisp texture without the presence of excess fat. Additionally, its multi-functional design allows users to bake, fry, grill and roast an extended array of culinary delights, including chicken, vegetables, chips, pizza and even cakes. Plus, with the air fryer oven's 30-minute timer, your meals are cooked and ready to serve in no time.

Manipulate the time and heat of your frying with the Tower T17063L Vortx 4L Manual Air Fryer's manual dials, which allow for precision ranging from 80°C to 200°C.

  • 1400W - 4L capacity - 30-minute timer
  • Temperature control from 80 - 200 degrees C
  • Lose the fat, not the flavour - Up to 80 percent less fat with the same great taste
  • Rapid air circulation system - allows faster cooking and saves energy
  • Easy-to-clean parts require just a simple hand wash