Boxzy Backs Brilliance

We are very proud to support Visva Educational Excellence and its Operation Prometheus whereby Visva offers FREE online tutoring, coaching and mentoring for any child or adult caught in a warzone (or in an area affected by a warzone) anywhere in the world.

Partnerships that Propel Progress

They work with Globally-Revered Academic Institutions at the absolute zenith of academia and human brilliance in the 21st Century – Oxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge), Trinity College at Cambridge, Eton College and Eton’s King’s Scholars, The US-UK Fulbright Commission and The Fulbright Scholarship for $287.5 million, The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship for EUR 260.47 million, The British Academy Grants for £54.99 million, The British National Health Service (NHS) and many others.

Unveiling Their Purpose

Visva Educational Excellence is an international tutoring service for children and adults.

They are Fully Certified by Cambridge University and Tutoring Standards.

Visva teaches via online learning or face-to-face tuition.

They confidently believe that, for every single one of their clients, they always deliver the Global Gold Standard in private Education, Coaching and Mentoring.

Everyone at Visva is a Native English Speaker and they proudly provide a quintessentially British education to their global clientele.

Enhanced DBS Checks

To ensure your safety, Visva ensures all its tutors undergo background screening in the form of a thorough Enhanced DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check.

They are fully committed to their duty to safeguard you and your family and Enhanced DBS checks are a vital part of this duty as they are one of the most thorough vetting procedures in the world.

Their Teaching Approach

Visva’s teaching approach is truly vibrant and innovative; they proudly believe it stands unmatched, unrivalled and unparalleled and that it is not offered by any other individual or organization in the world.

Click on “Our Teaching Approach” for more information on Visva’s truly innovative methodology.

Generous Referrals Rewards

Visva Educational Excellence runs a very generous referrals reward programme where they will pay you up to £100 for each referral you make for them.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. You can fund all your tuition with Visva just by making referrals and you won’t ever have to pay a penny! Or you can spend the money on whatever you want!

Click here for more information on their Referrals Reward Programme.

Please do contact Visva should you wish to study a subject which is not listed above as their services are constantly expanding and they also provide a bespoke referral service free of charge.