Bamboo Sushi Kit - 9 Piece

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If you love sushi but don't want to spend a fortune eating out, then this Bamboo Sushi Kit is perfect for you. With everything you need to make delicious sushi rolls at home, this kit makes it easy and fun to enjoy a night in with friends or family.

Simply prepare your sushi rice according to recipe instructions, then use the rolling mat to create tight, even rolls. Fill with your favourite fillings, then slice and dip in soy sauce or wasabi for a delicious and authentic experience. With this Bamboo Sushi Kit, you can enjoy all your favourite sushi flavours without even having to leave the house.

  • Material: Bamboo
  • Bamboo Mat Size: 24 x 23cm / 9.5 x 9inches
  • Rice Paddle Size: 14 x 5cm/ 5.5 x 1.97inches
  • Rice Spreader Size: 18.5 x 3.5cm/7.28 x 1.38inches
  • Chopsticks Length: about 22.5 cm
Package include:
2 x Rolling Mat
1 x Rice Paddle
1 x Rice Spreader
5 Pair Chopsticks